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Paul Schreiber, D.M.A.
Associate Professor of Music Composition, Theory and Technology
Mississippi Valley State University
Fine Arts - Music
14000 Highway 82 West
Itta Bena, MS 38941



Ave Maria, for SATB choir, September 2008. Score

The Social Conservative Project, computer-generated sound, May 2006. mp3

White Cardboard Box, 1. for SATB choir and orchestra, 2. for SATB choir and audio, October 2005. Score mp3

Lost Times, for concert band (Grade 3), May 2005. Score mp3

Trumpet Duet, September 2004. Score

Schenkerian Puzzles, 1. for a body of strings (double quartet) and four percussion. 2. for four strings, four woodwinds and four percussion, mp3. 3. for orchestra. December 2002, January 2003, and June 2003. Score mp3

Time Frame, Computer-generated sound, July 2002. mp3

Back and Forth, 1. for computer-generated sound, 2. computer-generated sound and orchestra, May 2002. Score, computer-generated realization - mp3

Dripping Taps, Computer-generated sound, June 2001. mp3

2x2 for Percussion and Audio, November 2000. mp3

Chopin Noises, computer-generated sound, October 2000. mp3

Remembered Constructs Distorted - The Alcotts, computer-generated sound, March 2000. mp3

Fabricated Dialogue for Cello and Audio, April 1999. Score mp3

Fallout, computer-generated sound, June 1998. mp3

Variegation, computer-generated sound, November 1997. mp3

Emendation, Sextet for Percussion, March 1997. Score mp3

Gate to the Citadel, for Woodwind Quintet, February, 1996, Score mp3

The Black Cat, for String Quartet, February 1995. Score

Two Movements for Piano Quartet, December 1993. Score

The Road, for Woodwind Quartet, May 1993. Score

Frank and Jessie James, arrangement for men’s choir, January 1993. Score

Three Movements for Brass Trio, May 1992. Score

New Life, for Oboe and Bassoon, December 1991. Score

Next Time, for solo Cello, October 1991. Score